I understand simplification as a way of life, applicable to any of its aspects. Some call it minimalism; I prefer to say that it is focusing on what is necessary, on what makes you move forward.

Simplification pushes you to look for simple solutions to complex problems, something fundamental for entrepreneurship today. This has helped me to learn a lot, but focus on little, developing certain useful skills for my projects:


Critical thinking


Strategy & Organization

I use this simplification in my projects to streamline processes, improve my productivity and bring order to my day-to-day. To do this, I use certain tools that I consider useful to share:

I am forgetful, so this To Do’s organization app that allows me not to forget anything I have to do. It’s available on Android and iOS, I use it on my phone because I always carry it with me, it’s more convenient.


Notion is a cross-platform task organizer, i.e. a productivity application that allows you to manage your work and personal life planning. I use it to dump all the information of my projects and everything that I find useful and interesting.


Holded is a management software for modern companies. The system brings together everything companies need in one place: invoicing, accounting, CRM, team management, project and inventory management. Within Navia, I usually take the financial role in projects, managing everything related to this field.


As a sick reader, I need to take books with me everywhere I go. Lithium is an Epub reader that does just that. It is available for Android and iOS.