I have always been curious. As a child, I played Lego and imagined fantastic worlds and stories. Thanks to Navia, my team, I have been able to give shape to those childhood dreams, going around the world and living unique experiences.

But, not everything has been easy. To be able to afford these trips we have done everything: cooking hamburgers, organizing events, running a restaurant… Several team members fell by the wayside, but all did their bit to make Navia a better team.

We have worked hard to discover new cultures, learn from them and turn that knowledge into new and better projects. This has been our journey and this is what we have learned:

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🇩🇪 Berlin

Our first stop was Berlin. We arrived in November 2020, with the COVID problem still very much with us. Confinements marked the trip, but those difficult moments brought us closer together as a team.

It was our first big test as a team and, despite the difficulties, we were able to pull through and grow together.

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🇨🇷Costa Rica

The second stop was Costa Rica, a country full of opportunities, where we were able to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem thanks to our collaboration with Fundepos University.

We were able to visit companies such as Huawei and we continue to grow as a team and develop projects with greater impact, with special emphasis on sustainability, an aspect that is very present in the Costa Rican culture.

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🇮🇳India & South Korea🇰🇷

The third and final stop was India and South Korea. During 3 months, we lived a unique experience in the Asian continent, a trip that changed us, both personally and professionally.

Through volunteering, conferences, events and client visits, we took our projects to the next level, nourishing ourselves with the singularities of the Indian and Korean entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We visit companies such as Hyundai, volunteer and organize various artistic and cultural events. The finishing touch to 3 years of work and growth as a team.

To be continued...

This is all for the moment, but the journey continues and new destinations and experiences will be waiting for us…